Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Managed pay-per-click

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Managed Pay-Per-Click

Radweb are a Certified Google Advertising Professional. We run professional, global, managed pay-per-click campaigns for a broad range of clients including upmarket property developers, dance teachers, many diverse eCommerce websites and other interactive services, exceeding £10,000 in monthly click spend with average conversion rates of 4-12%.

Professionally managed pay-per-click campaigns make an enormous difference when competing against other high spenders, and assists your team in finding opportunities through continual research, analysis and optimisation – leading to the highest possible return on investment coupled by aggressive brand awareness.

Account Setup & Deployment

  • Identify Account Goals & Estimate Targets

  • Conversion Analysis & Review

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Seasonal Trend Analysis

  • Keyword Research (including negatives)

  • Initial Campaign Budgets Estimated

  • Define Campaign & Adgroup Structure

  • Campaign/Groups Creation & Setup

  • Advert Copy (compelling adtext writing)

  • Landing Page Selection/Creation

  • Analytics Integration & Conversion Tracking

  • Account Activation & £50 voucher

Ongoing Daily PPC Management

  • Budget Analysis

  • Conversion/ROI Analysis

  • Keyword Analysis – cost, positioning, new keyword opportunities

  • Negative Keyword Research

  • A/B Testing of; keywords, adcopy, landing pages

  • Landing Page Optimisation – Creation, copy,

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Detailed analysis, Performance against targets. Identification of actionable metrics to enhance account performance

* Pay Per Click incurs additional click-costs (cost per visitor), paid directly to networks (eg Google/Bing).

Websites are wholly scored by their visitor count vs conversion rate, therefore we always recommend any investment to increase visitors, as once we have optimised a site it becomes a numbers game.

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