Thursday, March 10, 2011

Code of Ethics

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Our Code of

We adhere to our
own code of ethics. We, like you, have families to support and try
to lead decent lives. The property business occupies a large part
of our lives and we aim to do the best for everyone using our
resources and contacts

Are we a charitable
organisation ?

No. We are in this business to
make a living and we are not a charity. We have to ensure a
reasonable return to our investors whilst making sure our customers
(you) get what you require. It is imperative that we listen to what
you want and help you achieve your aims

Why are we ethical

It makes sense for two

1) We can sleep at night

2) 80% of our business is word of mouth.

There is a statistic which says
for every one person you upset they tell three and for every one
person you make happy they tell one. We could not have built our
business without word of mouth recommendations.

If we approach our business with
the question "How can I help this person solve their problem?" and
we solve it AND we meet our business objectives then it truly is a
win/win for everyone.


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