Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Critical Ltd specialises in Document Management and WorkFlow
providing full service (product sales, support, consultancy and development)
for Document Management and Workflow technology. Using technologies such as
"Web Workflow" and "Document Management" we can help you
to automate your business processes, reduce your costs, improve efficiency
and deliver superior customer service.

We deliver solutions based
on Global360 Keyflow and Global360
Keyfile, Kofax Capture from Kofax,
ProSigner from E-lock and
NetSatisFAXion from FaxBack. 

Formed in 1995, Mission Critical Limited is an established software
solutions and specialist hardware provider in the areas of Document Management, Workflow and
Digital Signature Software. 

Mission Critical assures
its clients of the highest level of service, delivered with consistency,
professionalism and enthusiasm. 

The company is based in the West Midlands and has a dedicated team of
consultants and developers with experience in all sectors of industry from
an international client base.


We are committed to customer service and support.  Our aim is to help
and empower customers to conduct business more efficiently and securely
e-commerce, in a paperless environment using LANs, the Internet and
wireless communications.


are authorised resellers for major product suppliers of scanning hardware
from Kodak, Canon and Fujitsu.



can recommend the best solutions to your e-business requirements
which are fast to deploy, simple to use, scalable and cost effective.  We
offer a full range of services including:


  • Developing strategies for  document management and workflow

  • Conducting feasibility
    studies to analyse your current systems and
    review the options for improvement

  • Creating
    business cases for implementing solutions

  • Supply of Digital Certificates and Domain Names

  • Proposing, supply and implementation of web-based solutions

  • Application Hosting

  • Solutions

  • Software

  • Technical

  • Project

  • Technical

  • Bureau
    Scanning Service

  • Training

  • Seminars

Read more at www.mission-critical.co.uk

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