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Aris Allen Women's Canvas Sneaker with Suede Sole

Product Description

This is the popular 2009/10 model of Aris Allen's classic canvas trainer. We've got just the last few to clear in white, just a couple of sizes are still available! For a better range, check out this year's model on the related link, or search using "208".

Sizing Tip:

The Aris Allen test group found that this model, which originates with US sizing, fit a half size larger - so if you fit 6.5 to 7; you will most likely fit the 6.5 best.

About the Suede Leather Soles:

The Chrome Suede Leather Soles (suede tanned with chromium salts) are wonderful to dance on but require occasional upkeep; typical problems include catching the edge of the sole. The best solution is to re-glue the chrome leather with superglue or shoe repair glue available from your local shoe repair shop.

Most people like to keep their dance shoes for the dance hall only, but suede soles get faster when they're well worn and shiny on the bottom! If you prefer them less zippy you can dull the "mirror finish" by roughing them up with a wire brush. Moisture also makes them less slippy.

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