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Why The Hell Should I Bother?

Anders Nelson


on 11-20-2010 at 12:08 AM (42 Views)

Have you ever felt stuck in apathy? Has it ever seemed that you've been so bogged down that you can't accomplish anything?

Working directly with goals can be a great way to find the freedom and energy to effortlessly take the actions that will best serve you. I would highly recommend the Goals Process that is in the Sedona Method book and also in the audio course. Formulating a goal and stepping more effortlessly into action (using the specific releasing processes Hale recommends) can really break things free.

You might surprise yourself with how easily what you desire comes to you as you remove the layers of resistance and denial. Recently I set a goal of raising my income to a certain amount or more per month. I am 90% there over the course of just a couple of months. If you count the fabulous discounts I have been receiving for many of my purchases, I'm probably there now.

How did I do this? I used the triple releasing process for goals each time I thought of it. It's probably been less than a dozen times that I've spent a few minutes doing this. I found I didn't actually have to take any action at all for the situation to shape up. The enjoyable work that's been bringing in the money has just reached out and found me on it's own. Now I am taking some action to really ramp up my income - just for fun. Taking action right now for me is just as easy as not taking action. Momentum has been created.

Lester made strong recommendations about goals. He suggested that if you want something in the world you should truly let go of wanting it and/or get it. Getting what one wants out of the world and proving the Method to oneself clears the way for achieving the ultimate goal. This is why he created the original goals process.

Life is meant to be enjoyed! I wish you all the sweetness you desire. I'd love to hear how it all unfolds for you.

With Love,

Anders Nelson

Certified Sedona Method Coach

"Helping you to find your own freedom."



P.S. Hale's audio program called Effortless Creation is all about finding out what you really want in your heart of hearts and achieving it. It's the whole goals process plus a lot more.Read more at www.sedonamethodcommunity.com

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